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What has the world come to when even Stu Locke won’t name names???

What has the world come to when even Stu Locke won’t name names???

May 17, 2021

Friend of the show Stu Locke is back to talk shit but fails miserably. Just kidding. He talks lots of shit. Just not specific. - Strongman training and Stu's domestic partnership - Quebec and physical culture - Friends trolling - Theater for sthletes - Crazy strength numbers happening now

Exercise Science: A waste of college w/Strongman coach Alec Jose, founder of RPE.11

Exercise Science: A waste of college w/Strongman coach Alec Jose, founder of RPE.11

April 2, 2021

We sit down with strongman and weightlifting coach Alec Jose, who has garnered a little bit of controversy this week in his promotion of the long maligned "belt clean" in strongman. We didn't get to cover that topic but he did go after lots of sacred cows like the waste of a degree that Exercise Physiology is for personal trainers, why strongman gets it wrong in regards to training (and what they get right), how PEDs really do work if you work them right, and the general silliness of the "fitness" industry.


Keeping in line with a strong tradition of s*it talking, this episode of The Pump should have you simultaneously angered and laughing.


:30 Intro

2:00 Alec identifies Dean's personality as that of a pick up artist

5:20 Alec's history at Peak Performance, Exercise Science, how to gain respect

10:00 Application of training methodology

17:00 Real friends and honesty

22:00 Building a backyard gym in Brooklyn during Covid

25:00 Craziness of strongman in NYC

30:00 Training environment

35:00 Breaking the mold of old training rules

40:00 Journalism background pays off

45:00 Stupid helps strong

47:00 Fake natty

50:00 Drugs, drug testing, drugs

1:02:00 Crazy powerlifters

1:10:00 Closing thoughts


Find Alec

IG @Alecjose


The Pump: Basement Talks #1
James “Rice Cake” Cerbie: Educated Meathead

James “Rice Cake” Cerbie: Educated Meathead

February 12, 2021

The bois jump on with owner of Rebel Performance and good friend of the show, James "Rice Cake" Cerbie. They get back to their discussion on educated meatheads, which is the preferred nomenclature of their ilk. From how to better train gen pop to how everyone can benefit from training more like an athlete, all bases are covered. Always a pleasure when we get to chat with James and think he is one of the best resources for both athletes and coaches alike.


1:00 The bois talk about how awesome their appearance on Rebel Performance Radio was


9:00 Apex athletes

15:00 Lifeproof

20:00 You're probably not a lion. You're a deer.

25:00 Rooting for the underdog

30:00 What really matters

38:00 The sick joys of jiu jitsu

50:00 Regular people who want to kick ass

1:01:00 Did you know Dean deadlifts 700lbs?

1:10:00 Templates vs 1-on-1 coaching

1:13:00 Movie review time!


James Cerbie


IG jamescerbie

Flux for lifters: Paul Oneid talks nutrition for powerlifting

Flux for lifters: Paul Oneid talks nutrition for powerlifting

January 11, 2021

Our good friend Paul Oneid dropped by to share his experiences with some his experience in using some unconventional client nutritional strategies. Paul works with powerlifters ranging from those getting their feet wet to elite level lifters at the highest levels. As an elite lifter himself, he has experience lifting in a range of weight classes at world class levels. He walks the walk and talks the talk.


Recently, mimicking his own journey from Incredible Bulk to To Bruce Boner, he has started to utilize the principles of flux to help drive max muscle and minimal fat in his powerlifting clientele. The results are undeniable. People eating into their competitions and not starving to make weight. Gaining useful mass and not just fat for weight's sake. Being actual athletes with increased movement quality and increased health.


We really enjoyed this episode and there are some great bits in here for trainees and coaches alike. Hope you guys like it and leave a comment or question as well as a follow!


1:00 Dean talks about his deadlift

3:00 What defines a lifter's age?

7:00 Adaptations

12:00 Dean negs Paul for like 3 minutes straight

14:00 GPP GAINS?

19:00 Training style

26:00 Energy availability and metabolic adaptations

35:00 Carb timing

46:00 Metcons for big boys (and girls)

47:00 Why orals might not be the best for weight gain

53:00 Food is a PED

53:15 ASW weight cut

58:00 Bodybuilders post show

1:00:30 Utilizing the calories

1:06:00 Endurance flux

1:08:50 Ballpark threshold

1:15:00 Lifestyle

1:25:30 No longer demanding adherence


Where to find Paul

IG: pauloneid


Lifestyle app:


Rethinking everything w/ Dr Pat Davidson

Rethinking everything w/ Dr Pat Davidson

December 16, 2020

The boiz sit down with the man. the myth, the legend... Dr Pat Davidson. Pat has just released his Magnum Opus, the behemoth of a book, A Coaches Guide to Optimizing Movement: Rethinking the Big Patterns. Both Dean and Jeb have been through multiple courses with Pat and have seen how his model has developed over the years. It isn't easily described because it encompasses so much. You'll just have to listen and then buy the book.


:34 Right into it

5:40 How Pat got the fitness itch

8:00 What sports meant to Pat

10:00 Life's circuitous path

12:00 Exercise is a young science

13:00 Classification/ Category

20:30 Cults

24:00 Dean's continued obsession with GOATA

27:30 When science becomes religion

29:00 Centralized knowledge base

35:00 The state of fitness

40:00 Social media presence

55:00 Jaws

58:00 Catena Cadillac

62:00 Say what you think


You can find the new book at


Look for Pat on Instagram but be prepared to get butthurt. It'll only last a minute.

Footloose: The David Grey Story

Footloose: The David Grey Story

December 10, 2020

The boiz are joined in this episode by silver tongued and magic handed PT David Gray aka David Gray Rehab. Turns out he's a sonofabitch when it comes to marketing too. We get into a variety of topics stemming from David's first book Lower Body Basics. His approach to seeing the human body as a dynamic system that must be able to perform a lot of seemingly disparate actions helps inform the conversation, as well as Dean's insistence in talking about the GOATA crew who seem hell bent on showing pictures of athletes they have never worked with doing things that they claim to hold intellectual property over.


1:00 The story behind the name

3:00 Marketing 101

8:00 Who is your audience?

10:00 Feet and more feet

14:00 Is barefoot the answer?

17:00 It's not that complicated, but it kind of is

20:00 Stuck in patterns

30:00 Proximal vs Distal

36:50 "Give your body what it's missing"

40:00 GOATA or just goats?

50:00 Seminar smarts

60:00 It's basics, just like the book says

1:05:00 Behavior is driving

1:15:00 Closing time


You can find David on IG @Davidgreyrehab and you can find his programs at


The boiz have both bought and use David's program and endorse it at no financial gain. It really is that good!

Sam Pogue: Networking for Dummies

Sam Pogue: Networking for Dummies

November 20, 2020

The boiz are joined by their friend Sam Pogue. Sam has had a long and varied career in fitness, starting as a gym membership sales person to Director of Strategic Partnerships at Onnit and a VP at TrueCoach to now wearing multiple hats as the master of his own domain,

Training assisted: steroids and staying healthy with Jeremy Bell and Christian Thibaudeau

Training assisted: steroids and staying healthy with Jeremy Bell and Christian Thibaudeau

November 12, 2020

The boiz sit down with physique and strength specialists Jeremy Bell and Christian Thibaudeau to discuss how AAS can work for or against the physique and strength athlete. The reality is that in order to compete at the top levels of physique or strength sports athletes without some type of assistance. The key is to not approach it without understanding some of the risks.


1:00 Jeremy"s Covid pivot

4:30 Chris lifting in the basement post-golf season

11:00 4 hard gainers talkin muscle loss

14:00 Big neck=big body baby

16:00 Natty lifters: weak points and strong points

22:00 High level athletes

26:00 Genetics and pro bodybuilders

27:00 AAS have a purpose: neurological vs physiological

30:00 Tren!

35:00 Estrogen and TRT

38:00 Heart dangers with AAS/other drugs

48:00 Life after steroids

52:00 TBI & test levels

60:00 Risk/reward

63:00 "Sport TRT"

69:00 Nutrition of enhanced lifters

75:00 So you wanna be a bodybuilder

92:00 The danger of taboos

98:00 Where do we find you guys?

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